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The ‘UNITED’ framework is a bespoke learning skills curriculum developed by the GLA to enable primary age children to acquire the independent learning skills that are needed to fully access the ‘academic’ curriculum, no matter what their academic ability may be.

The UN element of the programme develops children’s skills to undertake planning and investigation; the I element develop children’s skills in collecting and sorting information safely. E-safety forms part of this element alongside skills in collecting, analysing and evaluating primary and secondary information. The T element of the programme seeks to develop teamwork skills and the 'E' element develops children’s skills in evaluating, reflecting and developing next steps. Finally, the D element of the programme focuses on the need for children to develop resilience and determination in order to ensure they develop a positive and proactive attitude to learning. 

Over the course of the academic year, you will see the children partake in explicit stand-alone ‘UNITED’ lessons which might focus on one or two of the skills at a time.  As well as this, you will find the ‘UNITED’ skills woven in to all areas of the core and foundation curriculum.  For example, at the end regular stages of an English Learning Journey, the children will be asked to Evaluate theirs and their peers' work; during a PE lesson the children will be asked to work in a Team; during a Science lesson the children may be asked to Undertake an Investigation.  This approach allows us to simultaneously teach the content of that particular National Curriculum lesson and develop the explicit skills of how we learn.